Automation Anywhere unveils generative AI-powered platform

With the expansion of its Automation Success Platform, Automation Anywhere also introduces enhanced capabilities for Document Automation, its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution. Document Automation is now designed to leverage generative AI for faster data understanding, extraction and summarization.

Automation Anywhere, an intelligent automation solutions provider, announced September 19 that it has expanded its generative AI-powered automation platform. Among a new Responsible AI Layer, the company also announced expanded features in Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users, Automation Co-Pilot for Automators, and Document Automation.

Following the announcement of the first wave of generative AI innovations in June, Document Automation, Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Document Processing solution, with its enhanced capabilities, is now designed to leverage generative AI for faster understanding, extraction and summarization of data. Document Automation’s new capabilities support semi-structured and unstructured document types and supply chain use cases, such as waybills, packing slips, purchase orders and contracts.

Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder of Automation Anywhere, explained: “The combination of generative AI and intelligent automation represents the most transformational technology shift of our generation. Every company, every team, every individual will be able to re-imagine their system of work and automate the processes that hold them back. Great people, empowered with AI and intelligent automation will be absolutely transformative to their organizations as they increase their productivity, creativity and accelerate the business.”

Last October, Automation Anywhere had received $200 million in financing from Silicon Valley Bank, SVB Capital and Hercules Capital.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Automation Anywhere provides intelligent automation solutions that put AI to work across every aspect of an organization. The company’s Automation Success Platform is infused with generative AI and offers process discovery, RPA, end-to-end process orchestration, document processing, and analytics.

You can find the full press release here.

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