joins forces with Reveal Group to create NLP Bots

Through this partnership,’s hybrid AI platform complements Reveal Group’s expertise in intelligent automation services. Together, they are creating NLP bots that extend the potential of RPA to more complex use cases and business processes by making sense of unstructured language data., an AI company with its hybrid natural language platform, announced April 5 a partnership with intelligent automation services company Reveal Group. With this partnership, and Reveal Group aim to help organizations increase the value of intelligent automation through the combination of Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP/NLU) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer at, said: “Thinking of unstructured data as a limiting factor in intelligent automation is finally over. At, we are committed to helping our customers unlock the value of all their enterprise data. By joining forces with Reveal Group, we can expand the potential of RPA creating ‘NLP Bots’ by analyzing any kind of document, from claims and contracts to emails and chats, and deliver intelligent automation at scale to help customers accelerate their business impact and gain a competitive advantage.”

Josh Noble, Partner at Reveal Group, commented: “Most RPA programs have parked opportunities due to unstructured text. unlocks this free text without the limitations of infrastructure, training data, and explainability, which have typically stalled enterprise NLP initiatives. By partnering with, Reveal Group has proven that RPA, IDP, and NLP are better together.”

Boston-based provides a hybrid natural language platform that is built for the complexity of unstructured language data. The hybrid approach combines Machine Learning, knowledge-based AI, Large Language Model, and Intelligent Document Processing capabilities to help companies understand the context, meaning and relationships in language.

The full press release can be found here.

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