Automated Claims Processing - faster turnaround time for improved customer experience

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) leverages advanced AI technologies to automate the extraction of data from medical records, forms and policies, regardless of layout and language. This enables service providers in the healthcare and insurance industry to speed up their claims processing and improve their customer experience. We help you find the right vendor.

Minimize risk of fraud

Minimize risk of fraud

Reduce the manual effort involved in processing claims documents by using advanced technologies and also minimize the risk of fraud.

Speed up processes

Speed up data-heavy process

Design a process that is scalable from the get-go and allows you to significantly speed up the data-intensive claims process.

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer experience

Benefit from more efficient processing by being able to respond quickly to customer concerns and thus improve your customer service.

Join leading insurers and automate your Claims Processing

Integrating IDP into our claims workflow has not only elevated the efficiency of document retrieval but has also enhanced fraud detection capabilities.

Claims Processing Supervisor

IDP has helped us deliver quicker responses to our customers, underlining our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Claims Manager

By using Intelligent Document Processing, we’ve witnessed a remarkable improvement in claims accuracy and speed, which is fantastic!


IDP has proven to be a game-changer in our claims department as we are now able to react even more flexible to our policyholders’ needs.

Claims Operations Director

Why use Intelligent Document Processing for Claims Processing

For insurers, the use of Intelligent Document Processing in claims processing offers major advantages: It speeds up workflows, reduces errors and risk through accurate data extraction and optimizes resources, resulting in faster processing, significant cost savings and greater customer satisfaction.

Advanced AI technology

Advanced AI technology

IDP combines advanced AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Machine Learning (ML) and Large Language Models (LLM) into one system. This combination enables companies to gain valuable insights into their documents and data.

Compliance Standards

Committed to high security standards

Reputable IDP vendors place great importance on the protection and security of their customer data. Therefore, most IDP solutions have third-party certifications and undergo third-party audits regularly to ensure the information is compliant and secure.

Made to scale

Made to scale

IDP solutions are built to scale in line with company growth and to cope with increasing data volumes without compromising performance. This ability to scale ensures that the solution remains efficient even when document volumes continue to rise.


Cost-efficiency through cloud service

Today, IDP solutions in the cloud are just as reliable as an on-premises when it comes to security. What’s more, cloud is a highly scalable medium, therefore offering a cost-effective model with pay-as-you-go options, giving organizations access to advanced IDP capabilities without significant upfront investment.

Learning algorithms

Adaptive learning algorithms

Intelligent Document Processing incorporates adaptive learning algorithms that evolve and improve over time, enabling the system to continuously enhance its recognition capabilities and stay effective in processing diverse document types.


Interoperability thanks to APIs

Modern Intelligent Document Processing solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and applications via APIs. This interoperability is crucial for organizations that use a variety of tools and systems, as it ensures that the IDP solution can work effectively with the company’s existing tech ecosystem.

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IDP automates document-intensive tasks, expediting claims processing by efficiently extracting, validating, and categorizing information, leading to quicker resolutions.

IDP can process various document types, including medical records, invoices, insurance forms and correspondence, making it a highly versatile solution for claims process automation.

IDP utilizes advanced data extraction algorithms, reducing manual errors and enhancing accuracy in claims-related data, ultimately minimizing processing discrepancies.

Yes, IDP solutions are often designed for seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and compatibility with established claims management workflows.

IDP adheres to industry-specific compliance requirements, ensuring accurate and compliant handling of sensitive information throughout the claims processing lifecycle.

IDP speeds up claims settlement, shortens processing times and ensures accurate and transparent communication, which ultimately increases overall customer satisfaction.