Altilia partners with Experian for fast customer onboarding

Through this partnership, Altilia integrates its Intelligent Document Processing technology with Experian’s customer onboarding services. This will make it easier for banks to capture and understand new customers’ documentation and evaluate eligibility for credit applications, while protecting against fraud risks.

Altilia, an intelligent automation software company specializing in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), announced May 31 that it has partnered with information services company Experian. Together, they aim to leverage advanced technology to make credit processes more efficient and accessible for businesses and end users, as well as safer and more convenient for credit organizations.

Massimo Ruffolo, Founder and CEO at Altilia, commented: “Thanks to the collaboration with Experian, we are experiencing new opportunities for innovation, digital transformation and simplified adoption of artificial intelligence that we aim to expand to the entire banking sector and other enterprises, large and small. The ultimate goal we share is to leverage advanced technologies such as AI to make credit processes more efficient and accessible for businesses and end users, and at the same time safer and more convenient for credit players.”

The partnership between Altilia and Experian was formed to support companies operating in the banking sector, but the two companies aim to explore other use cases in other sectors, such as insurance, in the future.

Armando Capone, Country Manager at Experian, explained: “Our mission is to leverage new technologies to make access to credit easier and more inclusive. In Altilia we have found the ideal partner to take a further step in this direction. The joint development of solutions and new use cases will allow us to streamline procedures, making them more secure and automatic for banks, while speeding up access to funds for consumers. This collaboration is part of our journey to create an ecosystem aimed at transforming the world of credit by gradually enhancing the strengths of partners and customers.”

Headquartered in Milano, Italy, Altilia is a deep tech company specializing in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Altilia’s intelligent automation platform democratizes the adoption of AI and automation in any industry. It uses Composite AI methods and no-code, user-friendly tools to empower all stakeholders to automate document-based business processes and transform data into actionable insights.

You can find the full press release here (IT only).

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