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Instabase selected by the USPTO to automate signature extraction Unstructured data automation platform provider Instabase announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has successfully completed a pilot project to automate signature extraction from inventor oaths for micro-certification validation, thanks to Satsyil, a full-service IT development and support services contractor, and Instabase’s platform. By integrating Instabase into the Satsyil workflow and infrastructure, the USPTO primarily benefits from the following: Data output that enables cross-correlation to find variations in names and signatures of the same applicant, alleviation of manual analysis to match names and signatures, and proof of concept to apply a similar Instabase extraction to other patent and trademark documents. wins “Hottest of the Hot Vendors” IDP vendor announced that it was named “Hottest of the Hot Vendors” by analyst firm HFS Research at its recent Super Summit. The IDP provider, formerly known as Singularity Systems, received the award after presenting its value proposition to more than 200 industry leaders to convince them to vote for the company. As part of the two-minute pitch, showed a video that ended with the call “Are You Ready?” using the rebranding to reflect the company’s forward-thinking approach to solving complex data automation challenges.

3 Intelligent Document Processing providers honored in FinTech Global’s InsurTech100 2022 Specialist research firm FinTech Global has published its latest InsurTech100 report, featuring the most innovative companies in the industry. With, Instabase and Quantiphi, this year’s list also includes three IDP providers.

Upstage launches its no-code, low-code OCR Pack Korean AI company Upstage and Inspur, a leading provider of data center and cloud computing solutions, announced the launch of OCR Pack, Upstage’s AI platform for enterprises, with Inspur’s AI servers and management solution. Upstage is developing its OCR Pack document recognition system with Inspur’s AI servers, enabling enterprises to leverage AI algorithms while requiring minimal technical skills, lowering the threshold for AI development.

Tavant launches new products to its AI-powered lending platform The provider of digital lending solutions announced the launch of two new products to Touchless Lending, its digital lending platform that provides straight-through mortgage processing and automated underwriting. The first addition, Credit Analysis, is a machine-based approach to underwriting the credit component of a mortgage application, which automates the review of credit reports for all borrowers on the application for a home loan. And the second addition, Collateral Analysis, is automating an underwriter’s manual, labor-intensive appraisal review process.

Blanc Labs partners with thirdstream to offer IDP to financial institutions Fintech automation solutions provider Blanc Labs has announced a partnership with thirdstream, a provider of retail, commercial and credit card onboarding services. Blanc Labs integrates its Intelligent Document Processing solution into thirdstream’s platform. Thus, the partnership will benefit financial institutions looking to improve and accelerate their personalized services with pre-integrated solutions.


Intelligent Document Processing is among the most important business tech stories in 2022 Read this article to find out why IDP is among the top business tech stories in 2022, as selected by 15 industry leaders from the Forbes Technology Council, and why companies should pay attention.

Why equipping a real estate company with tools like IDP is beneficial The real estate industry deals with long and complex documents on a daily basis. Unstructured data has to be manually filtered out of these documents. The integration of an intelligent tool like IDP, on the other hand, serves perfectly to not only extract and process the complex real estate documents, but also provide analytics to make better financial decisions in the future.

How IDP helps healthcare with clinical and non-clinical applications The fast-paced healthcare industry faces many challenges, one of which is complex file management. IDP is unique in this case because it can be used for both clinical and non-clinical applications, streamlining every phase of documentation in healthcare.

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