IDP vendor Indico Data introduces new labeling interface

The latest version provides users with an improved labeling interface that speeds up the automation process by making the data labeling process effortless and intuitive. Updates include model predictions, easy-to-use shortcuts, and model creation.

Indico Data, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced March 13 that it has released an enhanced labeling interface for its platform that is easy to navigate even for users without a technical background.

New features include an interface with improved filters, so users no longer have to sift through endless pages of predictions. Indico Data now provides details about the labels or predictions, allowing the user to narrow down the options. For instance, the user can view only the unaccepted predictions or sort the predictions by confidence.

In addition, the new interface offers improved and easy-to-use shortcuts to further speed up document labeling. Last but not least, the update also includes model creation that is easy to develop and test. The improved on-document classification interface allows users to see the original context of documents while labeling samples for training.

Boston-based Indico Data offers The Unstructured Data Platform, its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that enables enterprises of all sizes to automate, analyze and apply unstructured data to a wide range of business workflows.

The full explanation of the new labeling interface can be found here.

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