OpenBots intelligent automation platform aims to reshape IA

By democratizing the way customers buy and use RPA automation, the zero-bot licensing company seeks to reshape the intelligent automation (IA) industry.

OpenBots, a full-featured enterprise RPA intelligent automation platform, announced August 15 that it has launched a new version of its platform to help organizations get started with enterprise automation. OpenBots Documents, its SaaS-based Intelligent Document Processing solution, is now included in all enterprise plans.

Ali Chaudry, Chief Strategy Officer at OpenBots, commented: ”At OpenBots, we always believed that the pay-per-bot licensing model is fundamentally flawed. The big takeaway from the firms migrating to OpenBots is that they are taking their 78% to 80% in savings and reallocating it to additional components of their intelligent automation structure.”

OpenBots sees the biggest challenge to digital transformation not in a lack of understanding the tools or the technology itself, but in licensing. That’s why the company believes the solution is to remove bot licensing from the market so that organizations of all sizes can create powerful workflow automations.

The full press release can be found here.

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