IDP vendor Rossum offers new email automation capabilities

With the addition of email automation capabilities, Rossum aims to accelerate document processing by eliminating the manual effort required to communicate around documents.

London and Prague-based Intelligent Document Processing provider Rossum announced September 8 that it has launched new email automation capabilities that help customers manage and respond to a variety of document communication tasks.

The latest release solves the problem companies have with email communications, such as correcting errors and tracking payment status, by automating them based on business rules like missing attributes or wrong values early in the process.

Rossum is looking to build on robust Intelligent Document Processing automation capabilities to further streamline document-related manual work. With the new release, the IDP vendor offers automation options that cover a wide spectrum.

Petr Baudis, co-founder and CTO of Rossum, commented: “Data extraction accuracy is and will continue to be core to IDP, but ultimately there are many other areas where companies spend time processing documents. Only when workflows are optimized end-to-end are the real efficiencies in document processing realized. Our vision for this latest release is to provide automation options that cover a broader spectrum from pre-processing, data capture, to validation and post-processing.”

The full press release can be found here.

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