Infosource publishes 2024 Global Capture & IDP Vendor Matrix

According to Infosource, its 2024 Global Capture & IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) Software Vendor Matrix reflects an assessment of strategy and performance measured against the analyst firm’s vision for the future state of the Capture & IDP market.

Infosource, a global analyst firm, announced on May 22, 2024, the release of its 2024 Global Capture & IDP Software Vendor Matrix Report. In it, Infosource evaluated and ranked 23 software vendors based on eleven criteria and divided them into two categories (strategy and capabilities, and execution in the market).

Infosource classified the vendors in the matrix into four categories: “Star” (market leaders), “Disruptor” (stronger in Strategy and Capabilities), “Competitor” (stronger in Execution) and “Explorer” (early in journey).

The vendors ranked by Infosource in the 2024 Global Capture & IDP Software Vendor Matrix Report (in alphabetical order) are:

Star: ABBYY, Hyland, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Tungsten Automation, UiPath.

Disruptor: Appian, Insiders, IRIS, Iron Mountain, ISIS Papyrus, KnowledgeLake, Parashift, Planet AI, Ripcord, TCG Process, xSuite.

Competitor: Digitech Systems, Kodak Alaris, Umango.

Explorer: ExB, Veryfi.

Ralph Gammon, Senior Analyst at Infosource, wrote: “This year’s report ranks more than 20 of the leading vendors in the space, which we define as SW that acquires, classifies, and converts unstructured and semi-structured information into enhanced usable data. For 2022, Infosource had the Capture & IDP SW market valued at approximately $6B US, growing at just over 10%.”

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Infosource is an analyst firm that provides complete, precise and reliable data, market intelligence and advisory services for print, scan and capture. Infosource’s Capture & IDP Conference is the premier educational and networking event covering technology trends and market opportunities in this space.

You can find the full press release here.

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