Alkymi forms a strategic partnership with Lionpoint Group

With three new joint clients from the private equity and investment banking sectors, the strategic partnership between the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provider and the consulting firm to the alternative investments industry is already showing its value.

Alkymi, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced February 14 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Lionpoint Group, a global consulting firm to the alternative investments industry. Together, the two companies aim to deliver an unparalleled combination of strategic services and advanced technology to their clients in the financial services industry.

By combining Alkymi’s AI and machine learning workflows with Lionpoint Group’s Data Validation Managed Services (DVMS), joint clients can significantly improve their operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage through data-driven decision making. According to the IDP provider, the partnership is quickly gaining momentum, with several firms selecting both Alkymi’s platform and Lionpoint’s DVMS to automate workflows for key alternatives documents.

Harald Collet, CEO of Alkymi, commented: “The success of this partnership was evident from the start. Our companies have a shared vision to see our clients transform their operating models through the most advanced technology in the market. Together we can provide an outstanding experience that will change the status quo for operations in finance.”

Jonathan Balkin, Founder at Lionpoint Group, said: “We look forward to our continued collaboration offering joint services such as data validation managed services (DVMS) and Front and Middle Office transformation advisory services to ensure clients can best leverage both firm’s high-quality product suite and subject matter expertise across their business.”

Last summer, Alkymi launched Alpha, its generative AI-powered solution built for financial services proprietary datasets, to securely apply Large Language Models (LLMs) to targeted documents and datasets in the financial services sector.

Headquartered in New York, Alkymi provides an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform and data workflow automation solution for financial services firms to unlock their unstructured data using cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology.

You can find the full press release here.

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