Alkymi launches Alpha, generative AI for financial services

According to Alkymi, there has been no way to securely apply Large Language Models (LLMs) to targeted documents and datasets in the financial services sector. With the launch of Alpha, its generative AI-powered solution built for financial services proprietary datasets, Alkymi wants to change that.

Alkymi, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced July 12 that it has launched Alpha, its generative AI-powered solution that allows financial services teams to uncover instant answers from documents and proprietary data sets through an interactive chat experience and structured workflows.

Alpha works within the Alkymi platform and is designed specifically for financial services use cases and is based on next-generation LLM technology. It provides financial service firms with instant insights while giving them confidence in the security of their proprietary data.

Alpha features include Document Chat (to chat with documents and get verifiable answers), Semantic Search (to find relevant and related documents with LLM-supported contextual understanding), Summarization Tool (to instantly summarize any document in 95 languages), and Answer Tool (to create a continuous system for generating answers from a cadence of documents in a workflow).

Harald Collet, CEO of Alkymi, explained: “One of the key obstacles that financial services firms face when adopting generative AI is the lack of control – how you apply the technology safely and transparently. We built Alpha to remove these obstacles through an industry-focused user experience that empowers customers to capture the massive opportunity of generative AI.”

In April, Alkymi had announced the offering of a European shared cloud deployment to support its customers globally and provide GPT-powered capabilities.

New York-based Alkymi offers an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform and data workflow automation solution that transforms enterprise workflows by putting machine learning and automation technology in the hands of business users.

You can find the full press release here.

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