AntWorks integrates Gen AI into its IDP solution CMR+

AntWorks is yet another Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor that has integrated generative AI into its IDP solution. AntWorks’ approach follows the principles of model agnosticism, seamless integration with traditional techniques, and consideration of enterprise priorities such as data privacy and cost efficiency.

AntWorks, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced October 10 that it has integrated generative AI into its IDP solution CMR+. AntWorks thus eliminates the need to summarize and prepare structured data from documents received or retrieved from an archive, enabling better decision making.

CMR+ (Cognitive Machine Reading Plus), AntWorks’ IDP solution, is built to handle complex and unstructured documents. With generative AI, AntWorks continues to expand these capabilities. CMR+ now offers enhanced extraction from documents without extensive training or configuration, analysis of multiple documents through a user-friendly conversational interface, comparison of clauses against a defined benchmark, search across a library of documents, and the ability to determine the next-best action based on incoming data and defined policy.

Mike Hobday, AntWorks’ CEO, commented: “At AntWorks, we have been continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of Intelligent Document Processing. By leveraging Generative AI, we have extended the scope of straight-through processing. We are committed to expanding CMR+ functionality to provide document search, comparison, summarisation, and data transformation capabilities through a workbench for front-office analysts.”

Headquartered in Singapore, AntWorks offers an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution with its Cognitive Machine Reading Plus (CMR+) platform. CMR+ uses proprietary AI including Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, and Machine Learning (ML) and also includes sentiment analysis, named-entity correlation and post-processing.

You can find the full press release here.

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