Eigen Technologies launches its new no-code IDP platform

With the fifth release of its no-code Intelligent Document Processing platform, Eigen Technologies introduces new features that now include zero-shot extraction capabilities and an update to the tables data extraction module that puts full power in the hands of business users without requiring technical expertise.

Eigen Technologies, an Intelligent Document Processing provider, announced September 15 that it has launched version 5 of its no-code IDP platform called Eigen 5. The new version offers a range of advanced features that enable enterprises to easily automate, connect and transform business-critical information.

With Eigen 5, organizations can quickly access critical data, extract table data down to a specific cell, get instant answers with on-demand data, integrate with any system, and streamline document workflows by deciding which data requires human-in-the-loop and which data can be processed straight-through.

Dr Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, SVP of Product at Eigen Technologies, said: “Eigen 5 is a huge leap forward in enabling organizations to deliver digital transformation and ultimately hyperautomation. At Eigen, we build technology that is centered around the user and their needs. That is why we have built Eigen 5 as a modular platform to enable our users to leverage whatever technology they need to automate their business-critical, mundane, time-consuming and costly processes.”

New York City and London-based Eigen Technologies provides its flexible IDP platform to customers with diverse use cases in industries such as insurance, banking and financial services, supply chain and procurement.

Dr Simone Bohnenberger-Rich added: “I am delighted with the positive reception of Eigen 5 by our clients and partners. When we embarked on developing Eigen 5, we started by talking to our users and the wider market. They told us that they want a platform that is flexible, integrates with anything they need it to and that empowers both their business and technical users. We have done this while maintaining our signature best-in-class accuracy rates, no-code features and pioneering small data approach, all of which enables us to deliver the fastest time to value in the market for our users. At Eigen we will always be defined by our ability to develop and commercialize innovative technology. Eigen 5 is our next step on that journey.”

The full press release can be found here.

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