HuLoop and partner to provide end-to-end automation

Through this strategic partnership, the two companies aim to enable joint customers to identify productivity improvements in business processes in the shape of ideal automation opportunities and then implement end-to-end intelligent automation.

HuLoop Automation, a provider of AI-powered intelligent automation solutions, announced October 4 a strategic partnership with, a transformation mining and process intelligence company.

Todd P. Michaud, HuLoop’s President & CEO, said: “Enterprises have always been forced to stitch together advanced automation capabilities from a variety of disparate solution providers. This has proven costly and slow. Our partnership with KYP allows us to provide a complete, innovative, and commercially friendly diagnostic and prescriptive Intelligent Automation solution for our clients.”

Dr. Adam Bujak, CEO and Co-founder at, said: “HuLoop and KYP are both innovative companies seeking to solve age-old challenges with next generation approaches. By working together, clients can use our solution to identify user actions across & in between systems, see how complex work really gets done, and identify best-practices and ideal automation opportunities, then they can use HuLoop’s hyperautomation platform to operationalize and realize those benefits.”

Auburn, California-based HuLoop Automation offers a range of intelligent automation capabilities, including IDP, BPA, intelligent data automation, and software test automation, which they combine into a hyperautomation platform.

Following the partnership with IDP provider Singularity Systems that announced earlier this year, the partnership with HuLoop Automation is now the next in the field of AI-powered automation solutions for the Cologne-based transformation mining company.

The full press release can be found here.

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