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reciTAL reaches major milestone – 50 million pages processed since 2020 (via newsletter) IDP vendor reciTAL has announced that it has reached a significant milestone: since its launch in 2020, the company has processed 50 million pages through its platform . Congratulations! In addition, reciTAL has announced its new SAM (Split and Merge) feature, which makes it easy to split documents of the same type (e.g. a series of invoices or ID documents), merge single documents from disparate pages back together and provides an intuitive verification/video encoding interface to check and, if necessary, correct the generated results.

Planet AI joins forces with elevait, Bechtle and Cloud&Heat Technologies to support the public sector IDP vendor Planet AI has announced that it has partnered with elevait, Bechtle and Cloud&Heat Technologies to jointly create value for public sector clients. This collaboration will combine Planet AI’s expertise in Intelligent Document Analysis with elevait’s AI-driven process automation, Cloud&Heat Technologies’ robust infrastructure support and Bechtle as a trusted IT partner for public sector customers to deliver secure, efficient and innovative solutions for public sector organizations.

Klippa announces five new implementation partnerships to enhance document automation services IDP vendor Klippa has announced five new implementation partnerships. With Alegria (a no-code implementer and academy), Chaffinch Document (a provider of secure document management and storage solutions in the UK), Tacstone (a certified UiPath partner), Makeitfuture (a certified Zapier Expert) and PragmatiQ (a low-code solutions expert), each partner brings unique skills and market knowledge that will help Klippa bring its advanced document automation solutions to a greater number of organizations across a broader range of industries. Tom Oudhuis, Head of Partnerships at Klippa, explained: “These key partnerships enable us to tailor our document processing solutions more effectively to meet diverse industry needs. Each partner brings a wealth of expertise that complements our vision of making document processing more efficient, secure, and accessible for all types of organizations.”

Tungsten Automation with GenAI enhancements across its portfolio Intelligent automation solutions provider Tungsten Automation has announced new product offerings and GenAI enhancements to its portfolio: First, Copilot for Extraction combines generative AI with Tungsten Automation’s AI extraction technology to enable users to describe in natural language what they want to extract from a document. Second, InvoiceAgility, a new unified invoice processing solution, helps organizations navigate the maze of invoice requirements that span regions, languages and compliance. Thirdly, Printix 2.2 offers enhancements through management features that streamline administration and improve capture workflow capabilities integrated with Tungsten Automation’s TotalAgility platform. Last but not least, Power PDF 5.1 includes new toolbar customizations that enable rendering and viewing of 3D PDFs, providing users with a better visualization experience. Adam Field, SVP of Product Management at Tungsten Automation, commented: “Our focus at Tungsten Automation is on enriching our products for customers. With InvoiceAgility, we’ve integrated the best of our product offerings into a unified solution. And later this year, InvoiceAgility will incorporate our latest GenAI innovation, Copilot for Extraction, to further strengthen our offering.”

Automation Anywhere appoints Tim McDonough as new CMO AI-powered process automation solutions provider Automation Anywhere has announced the appointment of Tim McDonough as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The former VP and CMO of the Datacenter and AI (DCAI) division at tech giant Intel will shape and lead Automation Anywhere’s global brand, growth strategies and go-to-market functions. Tim McDonough commented on his new role: “I’m looking forward to helping lead Automation Anywhere through its next phase growth as it helps companies transform their business. Seeing how customers are innovating with Automation Anywhere’s platform demonstrated to me the incredible market opportunity we have. When you combine automation with generative AI, customers can now go beyond task or departmental impact and automate at an enterprise level, empowering companies and employees to do their very best work.”

UiPath launches two new data centers in Pune and Chennai Enterprise automation and AI software company UiPath has announced the launch of two new data centers Pune and Chennai, which means that UiPath now has cloud regions in India, the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australia, underlining its commitment to continue its global expansion. According to UiPath, the new data centers in Pune and Chennai will help meet the growing demand for cloud services, with a focus on business continuity and compliance. They will host UiPath services such as IDP, AI, applications, core automation and more, which will be available to customers as SaaS offerings.

Parashift and Förde Digital join forces to bring IDP to the JobRouter ecosystem IDP vendor Parashift has announced that it has joined forces with IT services firm and JobRouter premium partner Förde Digital. This partnership aims to deliver value-driven solutions that empower organizations to unlock the full potential of IDP within the JobRouter ecosystem. Marcus Bondiek, Sales Manager of Förde Digital, commented: “Parashift impresses with exceptionally precise reading results thanks to its first-class AI model. By integrating Parashift with our existing processes, we aim to minimize the manpower required by our customers. It should provide an effective solution that eliminates the need for manual “transcription” of letters and instead enables automated processes.”

inserve changes its name to (DE only) IDP vendor inserve has announced that it has changed its name to and explained: “Apart from the new name, which is more closely aligned with our business, and the company address, not much will change for our customers. We continue to extract information from documents/images with our IDP platform and our (unchanged) great team of developers and AI trainers. AI is still our passion and so far there has been no information that we have not been able to extract.”


What’s the impact of Generative AI on Intelligent Document Processing? Listen to this 45-minute podcast with Tori Miller Liu, President and CEO of AIIM, and Tomas Gogar, Co-Founder and CEO of IDP vendor Rossum, to hear Tomas Gogar’s thoughts on the impact of generative AI on Rossum and the IDP market in general, why he believes scientific breakthroughs are needed to give AI more reasoning power, and why leaders in the field should focus on the problem they’re trying to solve, not the AI hype.

🎥Upcoming Webinar:

June 12, 2024: How BPOs Achieve Seamless Scalability in Document Processing Register for this webinar hosted by ScaleHub, the managed crowdsourcing service for automated document processing, to gain insights into how BPOs can effortlessly scale their operations without the headaches of traditional expansion methods.

📆Upcoming Events (mostly in-person):

May 23-24, 2024: World Conference on AI, ML and Data Science in Rome, Italy This event will bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, covering topics from ethics and responsible AI to practical applications and emerging technologies.

May 30-31, 2024: IEEE Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS) in Zurich, Switzerland This event will focus on Applied Data Science and brings together leaders, science and business experts to exchange ideas and drive innovation in products and services, with a focus on the Swiss market.

June 11-12, 2024: SER Summit in Berlin, Germany This event will focus on the latest and greatest developments in the fields of AI, ECM and automation under the motto “Intelligent documents, smarter business: Your new AI-powered workplace”.

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