AYR launches new version of Intelligent Document Simulator

With the latest breakthroughs in its patent-pending Intelligent Document Simulator, the Intelligent Document Processing provider is solving two significant challenges: the scarcity of training data for customer use cases and the ever-evolving formats and layouts of business documents.

AYR, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced February 14 that it has launched the latest version of its patent-pending Intelligent Document Simulator (IDS). With IDS, AYR provides organizations with the tools they need to overcome the hurdle of lack of training data and realize the full potential of Intelligent Document Processing.

With its Intelligent Document Simulator, AYR addresses the problem that organizations have in providing training data for intelligent automation due to the sensitive nature of their documents, as well as the limited access that technology teams have to business documents to gather the data necessary to train IDP systems. Intelligent Document Simulator overcomes these challenges by generating synthetic data that mimics the appearance and content of real-world business documents.

While the first version of IDS allowed users to change the business fields of documents to a random selection from user-provided dictionaries, the latest version takes the capabilities to a new level, as Dr. Tianhao Wu, CTO and co-founder of AYR, explained: “While this proved helpful, the latest breakthroughs in IDS take this capability to new heights by enabling users to input a sample document and generate various layouts, such as swapping columns in a table containing line items or shuffling sections of the document horizontally or vertically and therefore creating new training documents. This makes it possible to train AI and machine learning models to recognize and process a wide range of document layouts, which is crucial for handling the diverse and ever-changing documents that businesses deal with daily.”

Princeton, New Jersey-based AYR offers an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution through its SingularityAI platform (AYR was formerly known as Singularity Systems). The platform helps enterprizes transform unstructured data into actionable insights that enable real-time decision making and drive improvements in customer experience and operational agility.

The full press release can be found here.

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