Hyperscience and Plus Platform partner for modern mortgages

The partnership combines Hyperscience’s Intelligent Document Processing platform with Plus Platform’s software for real-time access to mortgage data and loan documents. Together, the two companies aim to bring greater efficiencies, transparency, and innovation to mortgage markets.

Hyperscience, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced on November 22 a partnership with Plus Platform, a global system of record that provides a singular instance of loans for secure and efficient asset management and trading. Through the partnership, Hyperscience’s IDP platform is integrated with Plus Platform, enabling mortgage organizations to benefit from built-in classification and extraction of data from loan documentation that is accurate and automated.

Mortgage companies depend on accurate mortgage data and loan documents. The combination of Hyperscience and Plus Platform will enable them to unlock accurate data by capturing all the data from their existing mortgage documents. Buck Collins, CEO of Plus Platform, added, “This partnership enables an exciting leap forward from the paper world of today, into tomorrow’s world of the digital mortgage.”

Charlie Newark-French, Interim CEO of Hyperscience, commented: “We’re excited to make an impact on the mortgage industry with Plus Platform. Like many markets, the mortgage industry is mired in documentation — a single loan could contain hundreds if not thousands of pages. Processing these at scale — turning them into reliable, usable data sets — will drive significant efficiencies.”

New York-based Hyperscience provides an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform that combines artificial intelligence with a human-centered approach to elevate business processes and unlock actionable knowledge.

The full press release can be found here.

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