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What we cover in this week’s Intelligent Document Processing recap:


Laiye appoints new Chief Strategy and Ecosystem Officer Intelligent automation provider Laiye announced July 20 that Braham Shnider has been named Chief Strategy and Ecosystem Officer. Shnider has more than 30 years of global sales and go-to-market experience and is eager to use his expertise to drive Laiye’s global strategy.


Mixture of backlogs and legacy technology plagues U.S. public sector The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is inundated with millions of documents each year, such as 1099 forms and W-2 forms. Besides the huge amount of documents that need to be processed in the public sector, another problem are the legacy systems that are still integrated. The use of intelligent solutions such as Intelligent Document Processing can have a major impact on solving these problems in the public sector.

Intelligent automation helps supply chain management The global supply chain has experienced massive disruption over the past two years, triggered by the pandemic and resulting in a huge loss of workforce. Intelligent automation can go a long way here in filling the gaps in repetitive tasks in companies, while the remaining workforce can be used for higher value tasks.


Rapid adoption of Intelligent Document Processing for invoice automation in 400 U.S. companies surveyed This study by IDP provider Infrrd, in partnership with technology market research firm Apps Run the World, revealed the reasons for the rapid adoption of IDP for invoice automation. Companies cited the elimination of manual processes as the primary reason for acquiring an IDP system. Furthermore, more than three quarters of the companies surveyed emphasized the opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity and performance in invoice processing.

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