Rossum partners with Celonis and integrates IDP into its EMS

Through this partnership, Rossum will integrate its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities into Celonis’ Execution Management System (EMS) to accelerate workflow automation.

Rossum, an Intelligent Document Processing provider, announced on November 15 a partnership with Celonis, a global leader in execution management. Rossum’s AI-based document extraction, capture and categorization capabilities enables Celonis to provide deeper process intelligence functionalities that enable customers to effectively identify and reduce invoice errors, accelerating workflow automation.

As invoice volumes continue to rise, along with duplicate invoices, billing errors and time-consuming processes, accounts payable is becoming a major cost center in organizations. Through this partnership, Rossum’s IDP solution processes unstructured documents within the Celonis EMS to ensure accuracy for invoice processing while eliminating error-prone, time-consuming and costly human intervention, automating the AP process.

Tomas Gogar, CEO of Rossum, said: “We share a common vision with Celonis. Our aim is to disrupt and transform the way businesses operate through intelligent automation. We get our clients to focus on the essential, mission critical tasks of running a business while automating the mundane. This goes beyond saving time and allocating resources, we are driving a lasting and fundamental change in the way a business operates.”

Ke Zhang, Senior Director, Partner Innovation at Celonis, further commented: “Rossum brings a unique set of capabilities to document processing that will help our shared clients to improve duplicate invoice detection, boost operational efficiency and save money while accelerating workflow automation projects. We will collaborate with Rossum on technology developments while supporting joint go-to-market efforts.”

London and Prague-based Rossum offers an Intelligent Document Processing solution that combines advanced data extraction capabilities with a low-code platform that automates significant amounts of manual work across a company’s document processing workflow.

The full press release can be found here.

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