Quantiphi and Unqork partner to automate business processes

With this partnership, Quantiphi will launch its AI-powered document processing platform Dociphi on Unqork’s no-code marketplace. By combining their efforts, they aim to help companies in the insurance and financial services industry reduce document processing errors and costs, streamline workflows, and accelerate their overall digital transformation.

Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, announced July 21 that it has partnered with Unqork, a no-code application development platform.

With Unqork’s no-code environment, Quantiphi can easily integrate Dociphi, its AI-powered intelligent document management platform, into insurers’ and FSIs’ unique workflows, helping them process documents with fewer errors, reduce costs, gain insights, increase productivity and improve time-to-market.

Bhaskar Kalita, Global Head, Financial Services and Insurance, at Quantiphi, explains: “Carriers are facing the ever-increasing pressure to digitize and modernize their core underwriting and claims processes in order to increase customer experience, insure risks faster and drive costs lower. The Dociphi platform provides a unique value proposition of digitizing the document intake process with the help of AI/ML along with enhanced workflows built on Unqork’s no-code environment. We are excited to partner with Unqork. This partnership will enable insurers to spend their time and energy on delivering exceptional digital experiences to their customers.”

Full details about the partnership can be found here.

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