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What we cover in this week’s recap:


WorkFusion expands its global presence with new European headquarters in Dublin Intelligent automation solutions provider WorkFusion announced that it is opening a new office in Dublin, Ireland, which will serve as its European headquarters and will be home to 100 software engineers and data scientists. Adam Famularo, CEO of WorkFusion, said the choice of location was an easy one: “Ireland has a booming technology sector and an abundance of skilled talent, plus it’s ideally situated as the gateway to the EU. It also has great technical universities and, as an AI company, Dublin’s focus on being the world’s AI center of excellence was an added bonus.”

Tellimer launches new version of its AI-powered data extraction tool Financial technology, data and information provider Tellimer announced it has launched a new version of Parsel, its AI-powered data extraction tool. Parsel automates identification, extraction and digitisation using advanced computer vision, statistical analysis, and natural language processing. With this upgrade, the tool now includes different algorithm configurations for different data formats and use cases that enables businesses to process large volumes of corporate, legal, transaction and financial documents at scale.

ancora Software continues record growth ancora Software, provider of intelligent process automation solutions, reported continued growth for the third quarter, adding 86 new customers. Factors contributing to this success include AP automation, machine learning adoption, ease of installation, ease of use and competitive pricing. In addition, a focus on developing strategic partnerships with companies in the areas of RPA, ERP, P2P and ECM that complement ancora’s intelligent process automation solutions has been critical.


How IDP can help supply chain management Supply chains operate under constant pressure, which has even increased in the last couple of years. One practical way AI can help supply chains is through Intelligent Document Processing. Among other things, the technology streamlines daily operations and simplifies data entry. Here are some use cases that supply chain management can significantly optimize through the incorporation of IDP.

Digitization of banking requires back-office evolution Read this article to learn why financial institutions that want to become a future-ready organization need a complete rethink of all back-office operations. By using AI-powered technologies like IDP in combination with RPA, financial institutions can incorporate the ability to capture and process the vast amounts of data and transform their operations for good.


Intelligent Document Processing for customs clearance In this 35-minute podcast, you’ll learn how Digicust has developed an end-to-end document processing solution for customs clearance using IDP. Borisav Parmakovic, CEO of Digicust, explains how Dexter IDP, Digicust’s building block, automatically creates customs declarations using IDP technologies in combination with master data. He also discusses the challenges associated with customs clearance and how the company is trying to overcome them.

Upcoming webinar:

Automate hundreds of document types, even low-volume ones, with IDP Join Abraham Grigaitis of DMS provider Architrave and Stefan Fust of IDP provider Parashift on this webinar on November 15, 2022, to learn how next-generation IDP is changing the game for large enterprises when it comes to automating complex business processes. They will discuss how Architrave has created hundreds of document types, how an industry-leading document standard is set, and much more.

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