Datamatics partners with process mining company Apromore

Through this technology partnership, Datamatics and Apromore aim to help enterprises optimize business performance by combining business insights with intelligent automation. Leveraging Apromore’s process mining capabilities, enterprises can make informed decisions about which processes to prioritize for automation with Datamatics’ intelligent automation platform.

Datamatics, a technology company that builds intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses, announced August 2 that it has partnered with Apromore, a collaborative business process analytics platform that supports the full spectrum of process mining functionality.

Shashi Bhargava, EVP & Head Product and Solutions at Datamatics, said: “We are happy to partner with Apromore for Process Discovery and Mining technology which will complement with our Intelligent Automation Platform. This will help our customers identify and prioritize the processes which are the best candidates for intelligent automation and help in optimized business performance.”

Datamatics’ intelligent automation platform features several solutions, including TruCap+, an AI-powered, template-free Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

Find all information about the technology partnership here.

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