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Automation Hero and Roboyo join forces Hyperautomation professional services company Roboyo announced that it has partnered with IDP provider Automation Hero. Through this partnership, Roboyo’s clients will have access to the latest version of the Hero platform, which features patent-pending AI technology. Furthermore, Automation Hero’s IDP capabilities provide a significant boost to Roboyo’s customers when it comes to integrating AI-powered document processing into a variety of business areas, thus improving process efficiency, enabling continuous improvement, and contributing to operational excellence. Friedrich Sulk, Head of Partnerships at Automation Hero, commented: “We are incredibly excited to join forces with Roboyo, which has a proven track record of implementing successful hyperautomation projects across the globe. This partnership means we can offer exceptional strategic and tactical services alongside our revolutionary Intelligent Document Processing technology to maximize performance gains for our customers.”

Rossum reports a strong 2022, attributing much of its success to a number of new executive hires IDP provider Rossum reported a successful 2022, in which the company achieved high growth in the manufacturing and industrial sectors and also announced a new partnership with global leader in execution management Celonis. In addition, Rossum’s CEO Tomas Gogar attributed much of the company’s success to a number of new executive hires, including Chief Financial Officer Gregory Andre and Chief People Officer Albert Alabau. Tomas Gogar said: “The traction Rossum experienced in 2022 has positioned us well for an eventful 2023. Our plans to accelerate product development, sales, and marketing efforts in 2023 are already in motion. Rossum’s success-to-date provides a solid foundation for continued progress, helping companies scale their document management operations with automation. Rossum’s leadership vision is stronger than ever, and what we are building has never been more critical to companies’ operational goals. I have full confidence that 2023 will be a transformative year for the company and our customers.”

Companies in Brazil are starting to embrace intelligent automation solutions like IDP According to technology research and advisory firm ISG (Information Services Group), more traditional companies in Brazil are looking at comprehensive automation platforms as business pressures and competition from advanced startups increase. In its 2022 Provider Lens report, ISG states that Intelligent Document Processing is an important technology for companies in Brazil, where documents are central to many business processes. ISG expects the growing need to process documents in compliance with regulatory requirements such as Brazil’s LGPD data privacy law to increase demand for IDP.

Parascript has been granted a new patent IDP provider Parascript announced that it has been granted a patent for signature verification methods and systems. The new patent allows companies to verify the identity of individuals. The proposed methods capture a signature image or signature trajectory on a digital pad, which is then verified by matching it against a reference signature, giving companies multiple use cases for identity verification. The IDP vendor had previously announced that it had developed an innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that uses an alternative machine learning approach.


What is the difference between Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning and attended automation solutions? An attended automation solution like RPA can save companies a lot of money when it comes to automating mundane tasks. However, when it comes to learning from the interactions between RPA and humans, the technology fails. That’s where Human in the Loop Machine Learning (HITL ML) comes in. HITL ML is a method of incorporating human input and oversight into the training and decision-making processes of a machine learning model. Using HITL ML to automate complex processes offers a collaborative and flexible approach – the work done by machines complements and enhances the skills of humans, and vice versa. The benefits of this approach include greater data accuracy, greater transparency, more flexibility, and a better user experience.


AI and ethics, AI and its role in society, and the future of the technology Watch this 50-minute podcast with Alain Veuve, founder and CEO of IDP provider Parashift, and Edy Portmann, Swiss Post Professor at the University of Fribourg and Member of the Board of the Swiss Informatics Society, in which they discuss, among other things, the future of digitization and AI in society and how to make AI more ethical and sustainable.

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