TachyHealth collaborates with Medical Refill

The collaboration between TachyHealth and Medical Refill (Speedy Recovery) aims to bring AI to healthcare and support clinical teams by automating the extraction of complex medical lab results from image or PDF format, providing real time data, and allowing physicians to follow the treatment plan in an interactive way.

TachyHealth, a healthcare technology startup providing intelligent solutions, announced August 4 that it has collaborated with Medical Refill (Speedy Recovery), a telemedicine company that provides consultation to chronic patients with stable conditions to renew their medical prescriptions.

TachyHealth offers several intelligent solutions for value-driven healthcare, including AiGuide, its AI-powered solution for guiding physicians through the patient encounter, as well as AiClaim, its intelligent medical claims software that uses deep learning and data science to automate claims management and processing and provide actionable knowledge. The healthcare technology startup has seen a huge growth following the pandemic where the transformation of healthcare became a priority for healthcare systems.

Dr. Osama AbouElKhir, CEO of TachyHealth, said: “We are much excited about our collaboration of Speedy Recovery (Medical Refill), a likeminded company that is clinically led by innovative patient driven mindset. We are committed to bring AI and data science to the wider spectrum of healthcare delivery and services and with Speedy Recovery, we believe the value of automation and intelligence is clear. We conducted together proof of value and the results were transformational making our collaboration an inevitable success.”

Find all information about the collaboration here.

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