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qBotica acquires healthcare automation company Healthomation IDP vendor qBotica has announced the acquisition of healthcare automation company Healthomation to expand its healthcare automation capabilities. Together, they aim to provide healthcare organizations and revenue cycle management vendors with AI-driven automation tools to improve patient care and streamline operations. Mahesh Vinayagam, CEO of qBotica, said: “Our investment in Healthomation Inc represents a pivotal moment for qBotica, as we align ourselves with a cutting-edge company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence. This collaboration will allow us to harness the power of AI and ML to create RPA solutions that transcend the healthcare sector’s traditional boundaries. We are excited to work together to bring about positive changes in the industry.”

Deep Analysis presents the winners of its 2023 Innovation Award Analyst firm Deep Analysis has announced the winners of the 2023 Innovation Award, which recognize the most innovative enterprise software vendors each year. To do so, Deep Analysis has applied a methodology with four criteria: solves problems, applies ingenuity, adds value, shows flexibility. All IDP vendors excelled in at least three criteria, with Deep Analysis focusing on added value this year. With the winners of this year’s Innovation Award being Hyperscience, Indico Data, Instabase, Rossum, Technology & Cognition LAB AIDA and Veryfi, each company has a unique and innovative approach and brings different strengths to the table. You can access the full details of all vendors here.

Smart Touch Technologies partners with major transportation company IDP vendor Smart Touch Technologies has announced that Routier European Transport, a major logistics and transportation company in Romania, has selected Apollo, its Intelligent Document Processing platform. Rares Retegan, Managing Partner at Routier European Transport, commented: “Our decision to choose Apollo was driven by both our and Smart Touch Technologies’ commitment to innovation & efficiency. As we are part of an industry that depends on real-time visibility and precise coordination, this IDP solution empowers us to streamline and augment our document management, enhancing our operational excellence and reinforcing our position as a forward-thinking leader in the transportation and logistics market. For our employees, which are at the center of everything and anything we do, Apollo will bring a substantial lightening of their workloads, granting them more time for creative and strategic tasks.”

Indico Data releases Indico 6 IDP vendor Indico Data has released Indico 6, a set of new features that enable carriers to accelerate decision making. New features include the rapid creation of custom models through simple text prompts that identify the desired data elements, as well as the ability to efficiently process complex tabular and form base data from documents such as loss runs and Schedules of Values (SOVs). Tom Wilde, CEO of Indico Data, explained: “Indico 6 is another major advance in our focus of enabling carriers to have access to better data to drive better decisions. Carriers today are facing a “triple squeeze” where economic pressure, scarce talent and supply chain challenges are forcing them to rethink their operating models to remain competitive. Our focus on Indico 6 was to give carriers a solution that will give them access to better data which in turn, will drive more accurate, accelerated decision making.”

Straive acquires Gramener to enhance AI capabilities IDP provider Straive has announced that it has acquired design-led data science company Gramener. The AI company helps solve complex business problems with compelling data stories using insights and a low-code AI-powered platform for clients across multiple industries. Namit Sureka, President and Chief Analytics & AI Officer of Straive, explained the acquisition: “Gramener’s capabilities across the data value chain, especially their depth in AI and Data Science, complement Straive’s existing data, knowledge, and operations capabilities. We believe that their team of experts who bring high energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and differentiated offerings through innovation will significantly enhance our positioning and deliver impact for our clients.” This news comes just a week after Straive announced the acquisition of AI company Metonymize.

ABBYY appoints new Chief Financial Officer Intelligent automation solutions provider ABBYY has announced the appointment of Brian Unruh as its new Chief Financial Officer to drive revenue growth. Brian Unruh is a seasoned software and technology executive with experience leading global growth strategies at both public and PE-backed companies. Ulf Persson, ABBYY’s CEO, said: “Brian’s extensive experience and leadership is a great addition to the ABBYY executive management team. He is joining us at an exciting time when AI is helping redefine our products and markets. Global enterprises are enthusiastic about incorporating AI technologies to realize higher efficiency and productivity. The opportunity for ABBYY’s growth and expansion is tremendous and Brian will be a valued addition to our team as we continue to lead customers with our industry-leading AI-powered intelligent document processing and process intelligence solutions.” About a month ago, ABBYY announced the appointment of Tomohito Shimizu as its new Country Manager to lead the company’s growth strategy in Japan.

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