Instabase and Burnie Group partner to apply cutting-edge AI

Thanks to this partnership, the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provider and the management consulting firm will combine their expertise and integrate Instabase’s applied AI and automation solutions to drive innovation across multiple industries.

Instabase, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced April 29 that it has partnered with management consulting firm Burnie Group. With Instabase’s generative AI capabilities, the two companies will enable their customers to achieve better insights and increased efficiency when processing complex, unstructured data sets across various industries.

Chris Maertz, Head of Partnerships at Instabase, commented: “We’re thrilled to partner with a market leader, like the Burnie Group, who is constantly challenging the status quo in the industry. Together we are applying the most cutting edge AI to solve highly complex business use cases across industries, enabling our respective customers to execute on their transformation strategies with far greater speed and efficiency than was previously possible.”

Najeeb Saour, Head of Technology and Automation at Burnie Group, said: “We are proud to add Instabase as a partner to help accelerate our ability to bring AI to clients. Instabase stands out as an exceptional tool with its unparalleled capability to extract content from structured, unstructured, and even handwritten data, all without the need for training AI models. This opens up a broader spectrum of automation possibilities, enabling our clients to tackle a wider array of use cases with enhanced efficiency and precision.”

Last summer, Instabase raised $45 million in a Series C funding round, doubling its valuation to $2 billion, after the Intelligent Document Processing vendor had already raised $105 million in its 2019 Series B funding round.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Instabase offers its AI Hub platform, including Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that understands and analyzes unstructured data, and workflow automation capabilities that allow organizations to solve their most pressing business challenges at scale. Instabase combines AI breakthroughs with deep industry expertise, and helps institutions embed intelligence into any system or business process to drive transformational outcomes.

You can find the full press release here.

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