Parascript partners with Tangentia, a digital transformation solutions provider

With this partnership, Parascript and Tangentia aim to provide high-level automation solutions to companies in the banking, finance and insurance industries.

Parascript, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provider, announced on June 20 that they have partnered with Tangentia, a provider of digital transformation solutions.

With Parascript’s years of experience in document processing, Tangentia will gain a solid solution offering that will enable its customers to significantly reduce their document processing costs. On the other hand, the partnership with Tangentia enables Parascript to develop comprehensive solutions for its customers’ needs.

“Parascript creates best-in-class AI software that analyzes over 100 billion documents annually and automates key tasks for financial services, government agencies, and the healthcare industry through our many different machine learning techniques,“ Dr. Alexander Filatov, CEO and President of Parascript, states in the press release. “By partnering with Tangentia we are able to create transcendent solutions for our clients’ needs.”

Find more information about the partnership here.

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