Kanverse.ai launches Lazurite Release with new finance suite

In addition to the new automation products for banking and financial services customers, with this latest release the IDP vendor is also strengthening its accounting and insurance suites and introducing a new vendor self-service portal.

Kanverse.ai, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced April 24 the global launch of Lazurite release. With this, the IDP vendor is introducing a new finance suite, a new vendor self-service portal, enhancements for insurance document processing workflows and a plethora of platform features for users.

Kanverse.ai highlights its new finance suite, which applies its Intelligent Document Processing capabilities to complex unstructured financial reports, annual reports and KYC documents in a variety of data types to enable operational cost savings and flexible scaling.

Furthermore, the newly launched self-service portal enables vendors to track submitted invoices and payment status with simplified search criteria and real-time notifications, as well as submit invoices for payment. Product enhancements to AP invoice automation focus on tracking non-PO invoice automation, validating new GL code combinations, and matching PO details from historical data. On the insurance side, the Lazurite release brings enhancements for claims forms, workflows and claim image processing.

Last week, Kanverse.ai announced that it has joined the Boomi Technology Partner Program to help mutual customers solve a broader range of integration use cases.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Kanverse.ai’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product suite offers solutions for enterprises in AP invoice automation, insurance document processing, sales order automation, and banking and financial services.

You can find the full press release here.

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