Smart Touch Technologies strengthens its market presence

The Romanian deep tech startup automates document-centric business processes for two local divisions of DKV Mobility in Romania, improving the way the organizations extract, process, validate and exchange data from vehicle documents.

Smart Touch Technologies, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced March 6 that it can strengthen its market presence by processing automotive documents for two companies part of the DKV Mobility Group, one of the world’s leading mobility service providers for the logistics and transportation industry: Smart Diesel, the largest independent fuel company in Romania, and Tax Refund Romania.

Last August, Smart Touch Technologies had launched Apollo, its Intelligent Document Processing platform. Now, Apollo automates the processing of data from vehicle documents (CIV, ticket, contracts, etc.) to meet the needs of Smart Diesel and Tax Refund Romania to respond quickly to customer requests and eliminate the risk of human error in data processing.

Georgiana Corciova, VAT & road tolls team leader at Smart Diesel, commented: “In a dynamic world such as transport, to be successful you need reliable partners, specialised people with expertise in the field. Understanding the needs of our customers and the dynamics of the industry in which we work together, we have also connected our internal processes to the latest technological solutions to help us transform repetitive processes into efficient and safe ones. Together with the Smart Touch Technologies team, we have created an intelligent, AI-driven data ecosystem that has practically translated into improved performance for our companies.”

Octavian Radu, co-founder & CEO of Smart Touch Technologies, said: “The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities behind the Apollo platform allows the user to stop wasting valuable time with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes and instead access the necessary data in real-time and with ease. We are honored to be able to offer our services to two important companies that follow the model of the group they are part of, DKV Mobility, namely process automation, adoption of new technological solutions and speed in delivering services to their customers.”

Bucharest-based Smart Touch Technologies is a deep tech startup committed to revolutionizing the way organizations exchange data through Apollo, its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform.

The full press release can be found here (Romanian only).

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