UiPath and qBotica announce expanded partnership

Through this extended strategic partnership, UiPath and qBotica introduce Automation Cube, qBotica’s go-to-market UiPath managed services practice. Automation Cube, which combines the DoqumentAI platform with UiPath’s business automation platform, provides customers with benefits such as lower total cost of ownership and turnkey automation.

Leading enterprise automation software company UiPath announced on September 26 an expanded partnership with qBotica, an intelligent automation company with a suite of automation services and products including Intelligent Document Processing. Together, UiPath and qBotica offer managed services for turnkey enterprise automation.

The use of automation is growing globally within industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and government. With this partnership, UiPath and qBotica provide mid- to large-sized companies with turnkey automation solutions tailored to their industry and operations to simplify their implementation strategy.

Chris Weber, Chief Business Officer at UiPath, said: “Automation is fundamental to accelerating the growth of businesses today. We look forward to our partnership with qBotica driving success for customers at various stages of their automation journeys. Customers can derive enormous value from UiPath and qBotica in the form of increased productivity, lower costs, and new efficiencies in their operations.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mahesh Vinayagam, founder and CEO of qBotica, said: “We are delighted to have this expanded relationship with UiPath. As businesses worldwide rapidly expand and work to accomplish more of what matters to them in a short time, qBotica’s Automation Cube, which combines the DoqumentAI platform with the UiPath Business Automation Platform, offers businesses turnkey and full-service solutions that will increase productivity, cut costs, and improve operational efficiency.”

Phoenix-based qBotica offers a range of intelligent automation products and services, including DoqumentAi platform with Intelligent Document Processing capabilities and Automation Cube, an Automation-as-a-Service offered through its strategic partnership with UiPath.

The full press release can be found here.

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