JIFFY.ai partners with Group Black to help Black-owned media

By partnering with JIFFY.ai, Group Black is leveraging JIFFY.ai’s HyperApps technology to offer cutting-edge automation to members of its collective of Black-owned media sites. On the other hand, this allows JIFFY.ai to expand its reach and programs to a diverse audience.

JIFFY.ai, a provider of an intelligent automation platform that includes Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), announced January 3 a partnership with Group Black, a media collective that creates a more equitable media landscape and accelerates the advancement of Black-owned media. As part of the partnership, JIFFY.ai is providing Group Black with its intelligent automation technology to bring operational excellence to Black-owned media.

When Group Black set out to create a more equitable media landscape for Black and diverse-owned brands, the collective recognized that one of the main barriers to the success of these brands was a lack of access to resources that provide structure, technology and scalability. Through its partnership with JIFFY.ai, Group Black is now able to provide cutting-edge automation technology to members of its collective. HyperApps, JIFFY.ai’s low-code applications that help companies automate business processes end-to-end, will streamline the order-to-cash ad operations workflows of publishers and advertisers, ultimately enabling them to scale their business more efficiently.

Kerel Cooper, President of Advertising at Group Black, commented: “Partnering with JIFFY.ai is exactly the right next step when it comes to diversifying the media landscape and providing more opportunities for Black-owned media to scale. For diverse media companies, it’s not that they did not know these resources existed, it’s that they did not have access to them. This partnership is changing that.”

Dennis Colòn, Head of Product & Strategy, Media Division at JIFFY.ai, said: “We are partnering with Group Black to help bring operational excellence, allowing them to scale more efficiently. We’ll be supporting their programmatic and ad operations efforts while building out automated workflows centered on DealID Operations, Line Mapping, Trafficking & Billing Operations. We’re confident this will create efficiencies in their order-to-cash process, thereby ensuring budgets increase that can very quickly go to the intended creators.”

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, JIFFY.ai provides organizations with an intelligent automation suite, including Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), with a one-stop, easy-to-deploy platform that easily automates and improves complex business processes.

The full press release can be found here.

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