and SS&C Blue Prism strengthen their partnership

As a result of the expanded partnership, now integrates its hybrid AI platform with SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform. In this way, bots and low-code apps can extend to more complex processes with high accuracy and lower implementation costs thanks to the natural language capabilities enabled by’s hybrid AI., an AI company with its hybrid natural language platform, announced June 13 that it has expanded its partnership with intelligent automation technology provider SS&C Blue Prism. With this, now integrates its hybrid AI platform with SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform.

With’s combined AI technologies, data can be analyzed and processed accurately and then automated on the SS&C Blue Prism platform. This enables companies to expand their intelligent automation capabilities and leverage new solutions to support their strategic business goals.

Jon Day, VP Technology Alliance Program and Cloud Alliances of SS&C Blue Prism, explained: “As the predecessor and natural extension of generative AI, natural language processing has a major role to play in the digital transformation of our clients. Our latest integration with will enhance our customers’ ability to automatically analyze complex documents, understand market opportunities and accelerate intelligent process automation across the organization.”

Jason Hochman, SVP NA Sales & Client Success at, said: “The cutting-edge technologies behind SS&C Blue Prism and have already borne significant results. Together, we are pleased to strengthen our solid value proposition to create new opportunities and value in the intelligent automation market, offering rapid and tangible ROI with market-proven transformative capabilities.”

A few months ago, already announced a partnership with intelligent automation services company Reveal Group to develop Natural Language Processing bots.

Headquartered in Boston, provides a hybrid natural language platform that is built for the complexity of unstructured language data. The hybrid AI approach combines natural language understanding and processing, Machine Learning, knowledge-based AI, Large Language Models, and Intelligent Document Processing capabilities to help companies understand the context, meaning and relationships in language.

You can find the full press release here.

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