Hyperscience unveils Hypercell for GenAI to drive automation

According to the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provider, Hypercell for GenAI automatically annotates, labels, and structures data from documents for fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) and GenAI experiences. This enables organizations to quickly and continuously develop accurate enterprise models.

Hyperscience, a provider of hyperautomation and enterprise AI infrastructure software, unveiled Hypercell for GenAI on June 5, 2024, its latest solution that transforms complex documents into Large Language Model (LLM) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)-ready data.

With Hypercell for GenAI, Hyperscience aims to address the problems that LLMs have encountered when it comes to delivering accurate results on data and documents in an organization’s back office. Hypercell for GenAI leverages the same core technology for hyperautomation (Machine Learning, Intelligent Document Processing, RPA and OCR) to transform complex documents into LLM and RAG-ready data. Hyperscience gives the example of an insurance claims adjuster who could use Hypercell for GenAI to ask questions in a natural language prompt on the status of a claim. Hypercell for GenAI then converts documents such as forms, medical reports, receipts, and doctor’s notes into RAG-ready data for summarization, and gives the user a recommendation on whether to approve or deny the claim based on this ground truth data.

Andrew Joiner, CEO of Hyperscience, explained: “The success or failure of any AI initiative starts with the data that feeds the models. Too often, models are built on faulty and incomplete data, and inefficient manual methods and legacy technologies struggle to keep pace with the dynamic flow of documents that course through organizations every day. Today, Hyperscience provides a breakthrough to this challenge by allowing organizations to establish an accurate data estate that trains LLMs to speak the language of their business, and empowers users with relevant, in-context GenAI experiences that align with their business processes and use cases.”

Hypercell for GenAI leverages the core capabilities of the Hypercell, the turnkey AI infrastructure software platform announced by Hyperscience earlier this year in March. According to the IDP provider, Hypercell for GenAI will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace or directly from the company itself.

Headquartered in New York, Hyperscience is a hyperautomation and enterprise AI infrastructure software provider. With its Hypercell platform, Hyperscience unlocks the value of an organization’s back office data through the automation of end-to-end processes, and transforms complex documents into large language model (LLM) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG)-ready data to power new enterprise GenAI experiences.

You can find the full press release here.

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