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What we cover in this week’s recap:


CEO of IDP vendor ibml has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council IDP provider ibml announced that its CEO, Martin Birch, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council. The mission of the Forbes Business Council is to unite proven leaders from all industries to create a curated, social capital-driven network. Commenting on the nomination, Birch said: “I look forward to sharing industry and leadership insights with peers and readers so that, together, we can better navigate the ever-changing terrain of digital transformation.” His most recent Forbes column can be read here.

Hyperscience teams with MuleSoft for new connector The New York-based IDP provider announced that it has partnered with integration and API platform MuleSoft. Accessible through the MuleSoft marketplace, the new connector makes it easier for companies in insurance, financial services and the public sector to integrate with Hyperscience, streamlining document processing with machine learning.

Machine learning data intelligence platform Galileo raises $18M The startup, which is focused on building the first ML data intelligence platform for data scientists working with unstructured data, announced that it has received $18 million in a Series A funding round. With this new funding, Galileo aims to expand its platform beyond unstructured text data and natural language processing to other use cases, including computer vision for image recognition.

UiPath with new platform update that includes enhanced intelligence The leading enterprise automation company announced its latest platform updates. One of the new features is that with the acquisition of NLP company Re:infer earlier this year, communications mining is now added to UiPath’s platform, unlocking the value of the vast amounts of communications data a business generates every day. This allows companies to analyze emails, documents, chat logs and social messages to create actionable business data and new opportunities for automation.

Gradient AI’s solutions get selected by Columbia Insurance Group Gradient AI, a provider of AI solutions for the insurance industry, announced that P&C insurer Columbia Insurance Group has selected the company’s solution. The insurer plans to use it to alert adjusters to high-risk claims and speed up claims processing to better manage costs and reduce risk for its customers.

Laserfiche expands its handwriting recognition The intelligent content management and business process automation provider announced an enhancement to its handwriting recognition solution. The new feature enables organizations to extract handwritten text from semi-structured documents. Thus, the solution is a good fit, for example, for government agencies that process handwritten content such as business applications, for hospitals and clinics that need to process handwritten patient intake forms or insurance claims, and for financial institutions with clients who prefer handwritten mortgage applications.


Why leaning into the digital revolution could end “quiet quitting” In this article, Interim CEO of Hyperscience, Charlie Newark-French, explores three reasons why more and more employees are disengaged from their work, feeling frustrated, and what possible solutions to these problems might be. He also addresses how leaders can support their employees in digital transformation and acceleration.

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How you can automate the processing of all document types and their downstream processes with IDP Register for this upcoming webinar on November 15, 2022 to get hands-on information on how Architrave, a real estate DMS provider, is using Intelligent Document Processing from Parashift to accelerate document processing and deliver transformative results. The discussion in this webinar will range from the benefits of leveraging AI to extract, transform, and analyze unstructured data across multiple use cases to using IDP to reduce costs, improve process efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

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