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What we cover in this week’s recap:

News: and Group Black partner to bring operational excellence to Black-owned media Intelligent automation platform provider has announced a partnership with Group Black. The media collective aims to create a more equitable media landscape for Black and diverse-owned brands. However, it has recognized that one of the main barriers to the success of these brands was a lack of access to resources that provide structure, technology and scalability. By partnering with, Group Black is leveraging’s HyperApps technology to provide state-of-the-art automation to members of its collective of Black-owned media sites, enabling them to achieve operational excellence.

HARMAN introduces Intelligent Healthcare Platform HARMAN’s Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) business unit unveiled its latest innovation, the Intelligent Healthcare Platform. One of the four key components of the solution is the Intelligence Machine, which consists of machine learning and deep learning algorithms and models that support use cases such as hospital discharge prediction, remote patient care, patient discharge prediction, patient video monitoring, unstructured document processing, insurance claims analysis, demand forecasting and device management. The platform is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical diagnoses, enabling healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care to their patients.


4 executives give their predictions for 2023 regarding AI and automation Four executives from IDP provider Hyperscience, Chris Ranalli, CF Su, Charlie Newark-French and Tony Lee, give their 2023 predictions for AI and automation. Chris Ranalli, Chief Revenue Officer, sees the educational aspects of the technology as one of the key enablers for making AI work in 2023 and for more decision makers to accelerate the time between interest and adoption. CF Su, Vice President of Machine Learning, sees the discussion around ethical AI as one where companies that already have guidelines in place should take a leadership role and educate others in the industry to encourage ethical AI. Charlie Newark-French, Interim Chief Executive Officer, believes that it is no longer a matter of “robots will replace humans at work,” but that human-machine collaboration is the way forward. Last but not least, Tony Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Hyperscience, predicts that this year it will be critical for leaders to ensure that their development teams are building things that have value and impact on the business, workflow or society, rather than just doing “busy work.”

What exactly are the differences between STP and NTP? In this article, Amit Jnagal, founder and CEO of IDP vendor Infrrd, explains the huge difference between Straight-Through Processing (STP) and No-Touch Processing (NTP) in the Intelligent Document Processing space. In an easy-to-understand manner, he shows what are often the three major problems with STP and how NTP provides a solution to these problems.

A strong AI user interface is imperative for enterprizes to adopt the technology Read this article in which Petr Baudis, co-founder, CTO and lead AI architect at IDP provider Rossum, explains why he thinks the full potential of AI ultimately lies in functionality and simplicity for an organization, achieved through an easy-to-use UI.


Automation and Intelligent Document Processing in the underwriting process Listen to this 50-minute podcast with Steven Weiss, former SVP and Chief Underwriting Officer at Munich Re Specialty Group Insurance Service, to learn what the submissions intake process looks like and why he believes underwriting leaders should look for platforms capable of moving unstructured data from the data state to the insight state.

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