IDP vendor Cogent Labs launches SmartRead WinActor connector

With this connector, Cogent Labs aims to help increase the efficiency and productivity of businesses and organizations by improving affinity with RPA and driving business automation with AI OCR.

Cogent Labs, a developer and provider of AI solutions, announced October 11 that it has launched a connector from SmartRead, its Intelligent Document Processing solution, to WinActor, the RPA tool from NTT Advanced Technology Corporation.

The connector’s capabilities include reading documents and retrieving results from NTT Advanced Technology Corporation’s WinActor RPA tool into Cogent Labs’ SmartRead IDP solution. According to Cogent Labs, a sample program is available to enable WinActor customers and development service providers to easily and efficiently create automated processes that invoke SmartRead. This has the advantage that the development workload is significantly less compared to developing a linked program that uses the SmartRead API from scratch.

Tokyo-based Cogent Labs offers SmartRead, its proprietary AI technology that reads and extracts information from various types of documents, including order forms, contracts, questionnaires, and bank passbooks. SmartRead can be linked to business systems and other applications through third-party tools, facilitating the effective use of data. SmartRead utilizes pre-trained AI to significantly reduce the amount of time and cost required for pre-configuration by the customer.

The press release can be found here and the full original press release (Japanese only) here.

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