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Rossum appoints new Chief Sales Officer IDP vendor Rossum has appointed Andrew Fullerton as its new Chief Sales Officer. Fullerton, whose previous roles include that of Chief Revenue Officer at Zencargo and Emarsys, brings extensive experience to Rossum and will lead global sales efforts around the company’s Intelligent Document Processing offering. On his new role at Rossum, he said: “I am thrilled to join Rossum and embark on this exciting journey towards customer-centric growth. Intelligent Document Processing offers businesses a previously untapped resource to leverage AI, enabling them to accelerate their processes, reduce costs, and gain access to a new dimension of business insights. Together with its partners, Rossum will continue to put customer value creation at the heart of its go-to-market strategy. Thanks to our strong culture of innovation, diverse team, and strong client and partner network, we aim to elevate Rossum to new heights of excellence.”

Nividous receives Great Place To Work certification Intelligent automation company Nividous announced that it has received Great Place To Work certification, one of the industry’s most coveted Employer of Choice awards. The Great Place To Work certification is awarded to companies that provide exceptional employee experiences and demonstrate best-in-class human resources practices based on a rigorous evaluation process. Kaushal Mashruwala, Co-Founder at Nividous, commented: “Another feather in the cap, the Great Place To Work Certification is a testimony to our commitment to building a successful workplace culture where everyone is empowered to reach their fullest potential. Nividous acknowledges that excellence comes from investing in its people and building a workplace that upholds inclusion, equality, integrity, openness, diversity, and leadership principles. Embracing forward-thinking ‘people-centric’ strategies and methodologies, Nividous consistently strives to enhance the worth it brings to its employees, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.”

Qauntiphi launches AI-powered Intelligent Underwriting Platform Al-first digital engineering company Quantiphi has announced the launch of its AI-led Intelligent Underwriting Platform (AiUP), which helps insurers automate the commercial insurance underwriting process. AiUP is built on Google Cloud and leverages Unqork’s codeless platform with Dociphi, Quantiphi’s Intelligent Document Processing solution, for a fully integrated, accelerated and more seamless underwriting experience. Bhaskar Kalita, Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance at Quantiphi, commented: “Quantiphi is committed to solving the most intricate business challenges in the financial services and insurance sector. Our vision for AiUP is to be the end-to-end platform helping carriers automate the complex underwriting process in commercial insurance. Thereby improving application processing times, the user experience for brokers/agents and ultimately improving quote-to-bind ratios.”


What can hyperautomation do for organizations? And what not? Hyperautomation goes beyond traditional automation by combining advanced technologies to comprehensively automate processes. As much as hyperautomation helps companies increase efficiency and productivity, there are also arguments that the term oversimplifies complex business problems. Read this article for interesting opinions on the topic from Jason Burian, VP of Product at IDP provider KnowledgeLake, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of analyst firm Deep Analysis, and Tony Lee, CTO at IDP vendor Hyperscience.

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