Intelligent Document Processing News: Weekly Recap

In this section, we cover news, insights and trivia about Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), share interesting articles, podcasts, reports and more.

What we cover in this week’s Intelligent Document Processing recap:


Automaton Anywhere ranked #1 by IDC Intelligent automation provider Automation Anywhere was recently ranked #1 by market research firm IDC. In its latest report, “Worldwide Intelligent Process Automation Market Shares, 2021: Accelerating Growth Despite Consolidation“, IDC sees Automation Anywhere’s cloud-native, AI-powered automation platform “Automation 360” leading public cloud RPA market share.

Cognizant secures multi-year contract Leading services and consulting company Cognizant has secured a multi-year mandate with National Insurance Company Limited (NICL), one of India’s leading public sector general insurance companies. As a strategic technology provider, Cognizant is expected to accelerate NICL’s digital transformation.


Everyone talks about IDP accuracy rates – but what exactly is that anyway? Read this article from IDP vendor Ephesoft to learn why it’s necessary to distinguish between “machine accuracy” and “machine and human-in-the-loop accuracy” when speaking about accuracy rates in Intelligent Document Processing.

Why OCR is not good enough for mortgage automation IDP provider Infrrd answers one of the frequently asked questions about why OCR technology alone is not powerful enough to produce real results for mortgage automation, and why Intelligent Document Processing is the solution instead.

The supply chain sector cannot rely on weak links Last year, the global supply chain was shaken to its core, exposing major inefficiencies. Integrating modern technologies such as Intelligent Document Processing helps companies regain agility.

Thought Leadership:

Intelligent automation is as much about people as it is about technology Listen to Rickard Wieselfors, head of automation and AI at Ericsson, explain, among other things, how technologies like intelligent automation do not destroy jobs, but rather help people by automating repetitive tasks while creating higher-value jobs.

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