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Insiders Technologies and Ceyoniq enter into a partnership and agree on standardized integration of the respective product families (DE only) IDP vendor Insiders Technologies has announced that it has formed a partnership with Ceyoniq, the developer of the nscale platform for Enterprise Information Management. Simultaneously, the companies have agreed on a standardized integration of the respective product families. This gives customers of Ceyoniq’s nscale information platform easy access to the modern AI components of Insiders Technologies’ P2P solutions for automatically reading, understanding and classifying documents. Dr. Alexander Swienty, Head of Channel Management at Insiders Technologies, explained: “The chemistry is just right and Ceyoniq is a perfect partner for us. The nscale platform impresses with its performance and innovation and is therefore widely used in the market, and rightly so. We have already worked together successfully on many projects, so the closer partnership and integration of our products was a logical step for the benefit of our joint customers.”

Parashift partners with the i-engineers to improve document management processes within the healthcare industry IDP vendor Parashift has announced a partnership with the i-engineers, a software solution provider for the healthcare sector. This partnership brings together Parashift’s expertise in Intelligent Document Processing with the i-engineers’ health-engine® platform to improve healthcare document management and minimize disruptions in digital workflows, delivering significant value to healthcare providers. Stefan Wagner, Head Partner Management at Parashift, commented: “We are delighted to be strengthening our position in the healthcare sector through our collaboration with the i-engineers. The two solutions complement each other perfectly to generate great added value and efficiency gains for companies such as hospitals through process automation.” Franz Obermayer, Head of Sales & Marketing at the i-engineers, added: “Parashift’s solution enables IDP which is continuously improved by using AI technology. This complements our health-engine® solution, an Interoperability Platform with universal data storage and process automation to support even more digital processes, prevent media disruptions and to jointly create added value for our customers.”

Mindee launches docTI, eliminating the need for data model training Mindee, a developer platform for AI document processing, has announced the launch of docTI, an AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool that leverages their knowledge of Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Large Language Models (LLMs). Typically, data scientists spend significant amounts of time on data preparation, including tasks such as cleaning and annotating data before it can be used to train a model. With docTI (Document Tailored Intelligence), Mindee is changing this, enabling product managers to create custom document processing APIs, test them, and integrate them in minutes rather than months. Jonathan Grandperrin, CEO of Mindee, explained: “Mindee’s core vision is to deliver solutions that align perfectly with the specific needs of our clients. With docTI, we’re bringing a one-of-a-kind expertise of deep learning, computer vision, and large language models (LLMs) to provide the most adaptable, dynamic, and high-performing document processing tool on the market.”

SER announces investment from TA Associates to accelerate growth Intelligent automation software vendor SER has announced that private equity firm TA Associates has agreed to make a strategic growth investment in the company. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals. According to the announcement, TA is the new lead investor alongside investment firm Carlyle, which has been investing in SER since 2018. Dr. John Bates, CEO of SER, commented: “We are delighted to welcome TA to SER as an investor and we are proud that they share our perspective on the significant opportunities ahead for our business. SER is revolutionizing the way enterprise content is automated, understood and managed. We have amazing customers, a fantastic team and market-leading technology. We have had an outstanding partnership with Carlyle, with incredible support throughout the journey, and we are delighted that TA now joins us to supercharge the next phase of growth.”

Hyperscience introduces Hypercell to accelerate AI initiatives at scale Enterprise AI solutions provider Hyperscience has announced the latest release of Hyperscience Hypercell, its turnkey AI infrastructure software platform built to transform the enterprise at scale. The Hypercell infrastructure provides the governance and security customers need to run proprietary, open source and frontier models on a turnkey platform. The platform enables customers to privately train models with their own enterprise ground truth data. In addition, the IDP vendor has announced updates to R39, the latest version of its software offering, including updated proprietary ML models, applications, and automation workflows. Andrew Joiner, CEO of Hyperscience, explained: “All transformational technologies, including AI, struggle in their adoption into the enterprise, because of unique legal, security, compliance, and data handling requirements. The latest release of the Hyperscience Hypercell meets those standards, and removes barriers to bring the benefits of AI into the core of the enterprise. Combined with the latest release of Hyperscience R39, customers can now choose one platform for AI to meet their most complex document automation needs, and achieve tangible ROI compared to existing legacy approaches.”

Klippa enters into a technology partnership with automation platform Make IDP vendor Klippa has announced a technology partnership with automation platform Make to make it easier for organizations to access Klippa’s advanced document automation solutions within the no-code environment of Make’s automation platform. This enables organizations to connect Klippa’s document parsing API with more than 1,500 apps available on Make’s platform. As a result, tasks such as extracting text from images or PDFs and automatically processing invoices, receipts, IDs, contracts and more are simplified and automated workflows are enabled. Tom Oudhuis, Head of Partnerships at Klippa, explained: “This partnership lowers the barrier for organizations to start making use of our document scanning technologies. Making digitalization of paper based easier and more accessible. By joining forces with Make, we are not just integrating two platforms; we are opening up a big world of possibilities for further automation.”

Nuvento celebrates its 17th birthday with a new face Nuvento, a digital technology services and consulting company with its IDP solution Docketry, has unveiled its new face just in time for the company’s 17th birthday. With its commitment to “Making the NU Possible with AI”, Nuvento aims to demonstrate the possibilities of AI and RPA innovation in enterprises and the difference that hyperautomation, data engineering, managed security an low code app development can make to achieving business goals.

KnowledgeLake partners with Carahsoft to deliver AI powered enterprise automation for government agencies AI powered enterprise automation company KnowledgeLake has announced a partnership with Carahsoft, the trusted government IT solutions provider. Through this partnership, Carahsoft and its reseller partners will provide access to KnowledgeLake’s platform for public sector, government, healthcare and educational organizations. The platform integrates Intelligent Document Processing, Workflow Automation, RPA and Content Management into a single AI-powered platform. Ron Cameron, CEO and Founder of KnowledgeLake, said: “Uniting our Intuitive AI platform with Carahsoft’s expertise and leadership in key market sectors is a game-changer. Collectively, we enable organizations to enhance efficiency by simplifying manual data processing and streamlining intricate document workflows. The outcome is heightened operational agility through hyper-automation. This partnership marks our commitment to advance AI-powered technologies to accelerate the delivery of public services.”

📆Upcoming Event (mostly in-person):

April 3-5, 2024: AIIM Conference 2024 in San Antonio, Texas This Event will focus on the latest AI-enabled technology, practices, and trends that are transforming information management and brings together experts from the Intelligent Document Processing industry.

April 15, 2024: OpenText World Europe 2024 in London, UK This event will bring together global thought leaders and regional experts for an event-packed day of experiences that demonstrate how AI can be a force multiplier for human potential.

April 16-17, 2024: RPA & AI Expo in São Paulo, Brasil This event will focus on the most innovative RPA and AI technologies on the Brazilian market.

May 9, 2024: Tungsten Automation Summit in New York This event will focus on the future of innovative solutions in workflow automation, invoice automation, and document automation and security, coupled with the power of generative AI. Register to join technology experts, industry thought leaders, and the Tungsten Automation leadership team.

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