Kanverse.ai launches Kunzite Release with new IDP features

The Kunzite release offers product features that enable enterprises to automate their document processing heavy workflows. Kunzite introduces a new insurance claims processing product, new dashboard features for AP teams in its AP invoice automation product, handwriting recognition, and KYC and KYB use cases.

Kanverse.ai, a Hyperautomation company with its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) suite as its flagship product, announced January 24 that it has launched Kunzite Release.

Kunzite Release now delivers end-to-end automation of claims processes through Kanverse’s AI-driven image and document recognition engine. Furthermore, Kunzite provides AP teams with an operations dashboard to track paid and unpaid invoices, early payment discounts, and productivity. In addition, documents with handwritten text and extraction of signatures can now be processed, as well as KYC and KYB documents.

Dr. Akhil Sahai, Chief Product Officer of Kanverse.ai, said: “With the Kunzite release, Kanverse enables enterprises to Hyperautomate their document processing heavy workflows. The release brings zero touch document processing experience to new markets and teams.”

Arvind Nehru, Chief Customer Success of Kanverse.ai, added: “Kanverse Kunzite release transforms the user experience for business teams and brings new innovative features to help teams achieve higher productivity levels.”

Last year, Kanverse.ai launched Jasper release, which already introduced capabilities for sales order automation and AP invoice processing automation.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Kanverse.ai’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product suite provides solutions for enterprises in AP invoice automation, insurance document processing, and sales order automation.

The full press release can be found here and the full list of the new product features here.

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