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What we cover in this week’s recap:


Microsoft announces Syntex to bring structure to content with IDP The software giant announced the launch of Microsoft Syntex, what the company calls “content AI integrated in the flow of work.” No-code AI simplifies business processes and adds value to content by managing files and orchestrate at scale. With Syntex, content can be classified, tagged with extracted data, and secured with sensitivity and retention labels. These labels and taxonomy tags are integrated into Microsoft Viva Topics, seamlessly turning content into knowledge. launches IDP product suite for enterprises The hyperautomation company that offers a range of AI-powered products announced the launch of Jasper release, its Intelligent Document Processing suite for enterprises. The release introduces sales order automation, which enables sales operations and customer success teams to automate the receipt of sales orders, extraction of order details with up to 99.5% accuracy, validation of orders based on business needs, and filing in the ERP system. Furthermore, the release introduces new features for AP invoice processing automation for multi-layer invoice approval workflows, processing bulk invoices as a single MS Excel document, and non-PO invoice processing automation with intuitive capabilities.

ABBYY launches digital onboarding solution that makes onboarding more efficient and secure The leading provider of intelligent process automation solutions announced the launch of Proof of Identity. Wherever a business needs to ensure that the customer is who they say they are, proof of identity is an important first step. With increasing concerns about fraud, ABBYY’s digital onboarding solution minimizes losses due to malicious use while speeding up customer onboarding.

Nividous introduces enhanced Intelligent Document Processing capabilities The intelligent automation company announced that the new capabilities enable out-of-the-box data extraction from any document type, as well as from structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats. Instead of creating templates, users simply select the fields that need to be extracted based on the selected prebuilt model type, and then can add as many additional fields as needed. The enhancements are enabled by natural language processing and computer vision, which are inherent in Nividous’ intelligent automation platform.


What impact will AI have on leadership positions? Innovation leader Ike Kavas, founder of Ephesoft and now SVP of AI and Data Science Innovation following Kofax’s acquisition of Ephesoft, shares his perspective on how AI will change leadership in the future. He shares insights on how CEOs will need to make adjustments to automation technologies, why CFOs will need to adapt AI technology to avoid the risk of soon being obsolete, and what questions HR leaders will need to address when it comes to AI.

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More accurate cursive handwriting capture with Intelligent Document Processing Join this webinar on October 26, 2022 for a demonstration of two new features from Ephesoft. The latest version of Transact improves cursive handwriting extraction up to 88% recognition accuracy. In addition, the webinar will demonstrate how Table Rule Builder uses AI to reduce the time required to set up and extract line items from a vendor invoice.

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