SS&C Blue Prism transforms Riyad Bank’s operations at scale

Since the migration just six months ago, SS&C Blue Prism has automated 200 processes and helped to fundamentally transform Riyad Bank’s operations, including streamlining daily transaction handling for bank tellers.

SS&C Blue Prism, an intelligent automation solutions provider including Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), announced August 15 that Riyad Bank has successfully migrated its automation program to SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform.

Among the biggest improvements so far, Riyad Bank is benefiting from intelligent automation of daily transaction processing for bank tellers. Previously, bank tellers were preparing the customers transfer of check and cash deposit forms manually. With the help of SS&C Blue Prism, processing time was reduced from 240 seconds to 45 seconds per document, improving conditions for team members and allowing them to focus on higher value tasks.

Abdulrahman Al-Huthail, EVP Operations of Riyad Bank, commented: “We’ve been able to transform operations at great scale in a very short timeframe due to the unrivalled support from SS&C Blue Prism and our capabilities in Riyad Bank. With greater automation infrastructure, pipeline and delivery, Riyad Bank’s workforce is now fully invested in intelligent automation due to the benefits it has seen over the past six months. We are excited about what transformational results we can achieve next.”

Jerry Hubbard, General Manager EMEA at SS&C Blue Prism, explained: “The results Riyad Bank has achieved in just six months demonstrate the significant transformational value automation can bring when you have right culture and support in place. Alongside SS&C Blue Prism’s trusted partner, we’re excited to see how Riyad Bank continues to take its organization forward while benefitting its employees and customers.”

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Headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, SS&C Blue Prism offers a combination of market-leading technologies, including Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), that help organizations realize the full potential of intelligent automation to deliver transformational business value.

You can find the full press release here.

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