Automation Hero introduces new fraud prevention capabilities

With new fraud prevention capabilities for its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform, Automation Hero is helping to mitigate fraud risks, particularly in the insurance and retail industries.

Automation Hero, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced July 25 the introduction of document forgery detection capabilities for its IDP platform. With this, the company aims to detect whether documents involved in a process have been potentially manipulated in order to combat fraud and ensure authenticity.

To detect document forgery, the IDP vendor leverages a variety of AI techniques. These include image analysis to examine document images for irregularities, pattern recognition to detect unique patterns in signatures, metadata examination to uncover clues about a document’s origin, and text analysis to detect possible copy-paste.

Automation Hero’s IDP platform then uses three different intelligent document forensic methods to minimize the risk of fraud. These include EXIF and XMP data analysis (which provides key information about changes made after scanning and the software used to make them), scan fingerprint analysis (which reveals manipulations in a document that are barely visible to the human eye), and copy-paste detection (which identifies identical text created by copying and pasting text).

Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in Berlin and London, Automation Hero provides an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform that helps organizations process any type of document. Its IDP platform offers easy to use and accurate AI so companies can focus on accelerating business processes to stay competitive.

You can find the full press release here.

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