Kanverse.ai now part of Guidewire PartnerConnect ecosystem

Kanverse.ai is now a Solution Partner in the Guidewire PartnerConnect program. Through this expanded partnership, Kanverse.ai and Guidewire PartnerConnect aim to discover the transformative power of intelligent automation in the insurance industry.

Kanverse.ai, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced June 13 that it has further expanded its partnership with P&C insurance cloud platform Guidewire to empower the insurance industry. Kanverse.ai has developed an integration for the Guidewire Marketplace to help insurers process submission intake and claims documents with Intelligent Document Processing.

Kanverse.ai’s hyperautomation solutions now integrate seamlessly with Guidewire’s core systems, providing a unified ecosystem that improves end-to-end processes across the insurance value chain. Last September, Kanverse.ai had already joined the Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards program to help insurance carriers speed up their insurance forms processing workflows.

On its website, the IDP provider commented on the expanded collaboration: “As a Guidewire Solution Partner, we provide exceptional support and value to our mutual customers. Our team of experts works closely with insurers to understand their unique challenges and requirements, tailoring our solutions to meet their specific needs. Together, we strive to deliver transformative solutions that drive innovation, increase competitiveness, and unlock new opportunities for growth.”

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Kanverse.ai’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product suite offers solutions for enterprises in AP invoice automation, insurance document processing, sales order automation, as well as banking and financial services.

You can find the full press release here.

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