IDP vendor Parashift and tangro form technology partnership

The main goal of this technology partnership is to integrate Parashift’s Intelligent Document Processing platform into tangro’s document processing capabilities. In addition, the two companies aim to use this collaboration to drive AI applications in automated document processes and explore new opportunities with AI in process automation.

Parashift, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) vendor, announced June 20 that it has joined forces with tangro, a provider of inbound document management solutions specializing on SAP. This technology partnership will provide customers using Parashift with a better way to automate the invoice processing process in conjunction with SAP.

Patrick Etter, Managing Director of tangro, commented: “We are delighted about the technology partnership with Parashift. This collaboration is another building block for tangro to fully utilize the potential of AI in optimizing Intelligent Document Processing and employing it in the best interest of our customers.”

With a strong focus on SAP ERP and S/4HANA and the use of its own innovative AI algorithms, tangro has maximized the automation potential for recognizing, interpreting and validating business documents within SAP. By integrating Parashift’s AI cloud platform into tangro’s document processing capabilities, even higher automation rates are achieved through intelligent data extraction.

Stefan Wagner, Head Partner Management at Parashift, said: “We are proud that our technology is being used by tangro and thus in the SAP environment. With our expertise in document classification and data extraction, and tangro’s experience and competence in automating document processes in SAP, we are convinced that this collaboration can generate a lot of value for customers.“

Alain Veuve, Founder and CEO at Parashift, further commented: “Really looking forward to see our team to work with tangro who is leading SAP ERP-Automation. Now, Enterprise clients can benefit from one of the best AP automation providers while leveraging the latest AI technology in Intelligent Document Processing.”

Parashift, headquartered in Sissach, Switzerland, offers a cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform that leverages advanced machine learning-based document classification and data extraction. With its proprietary Document Swarm Learning technology, the deep-tech company pursues an innovative approach.

You can find the full press release here.

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