TCG Process and DecisionRules partner to enhance IDP agility

On the one hand, the partnership brings additional agility and dynamic business decision management to DocProStar, TCG Process’ flagship product that includes Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and on the other hand, best-in-class process automation for document-centric workflows to DecisionRules.

TCG Process, an intelligent process automation company with DocProStar, its flagship product that includes Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), announced February 7 a partnership with DecisionRules, a no-code/low-code platform with a focus on creating and managing business rules. Together they aim to enhance the agility in Intelligent Document Processing.

The combination of TCG Process’ DocProStar and DecisionRules provides benefits for automating the extraction and processing of business-critical information: DocProStar efficiently extracts data from incoming documents and media files, while DecisionRules applies pre-defined rules to route the information through the processing pipeline.

Arnold von Bueren, TCG Process’ CEO, commented: “Having a partnership with a solution provider like DecisionRules increases the versatility of DocProStar. Any business process has key decision points that need to be made, and DecisionRules makes configuring and maintaining the business rules under those decisions very easy for the end user.”

He added: “Absolutely stunning what kind of elastic yet sturdy ‘process power’ is being achieved through the combination of DocProStar and DecisionRules.

Neil Walker, Head of Product at TCG Process, said: “Very pleased to make this partnership, dynamic decision making perfectly compliments our continued success in automating much more of the business processes we are involved in. Connecting our technologies with knowledge workers is a major step forward in the value we deliver and the operational agility that our customers benefit from.”

TCG Process has announced several partnerships over the past few weeks, including with Inspektlabs and most recently with Lazarus AI.

Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, and with subsidiaries around the world, TCG Process develops and integrates input management and intelligent process automation software, including its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform and flagship product, DocProStar.

You can find the full press release here.

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