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In this section we cover news, insights and trivia about Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), share interesting articles, upcoming webinars, events and more.

What we cover in this week’s recap:


UST acquires Leonardo to strengthen its global intelligent automation consulting capabilities UST, the digital transformation solutions company with its IDP platform UST SmartOps, has announced that it has acquired Leonardo, a leading Australian process transformation company. UST, which has been providing digital transformation solutions to clients across multiple industries in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market for eight years, expects the strategic acquisition to strengthen its organizational efficiency offering by bringing in Leonardo’s expertise, client references and local partnerships, as well as further strengthening its position in the ANZ region. Kumaran CR, Managing Director of UST Australia, commented: “We are delighted to announce the integration of Leonardo into UST’s Australian team. For over 25 years, Leonardo has been a reliable partner to its clients in the ANZ community, especially in the process transformation area. Their deep-rooted understanding and experience in these areas is invaluable. For UST, improving organisational efficiencies and thereby uplifting productivity for our clients is a key pillar within our transformation agenda. I am excited that Leonardo will lead this offering and enable us to support our clients in their growth agenda. Leonardo will strengthen our global intelligent automation consulting capabilities further and help grow the UST SmartOps platform business in the ANZ region. The acquisition is an important step in our efforts to continue growth in the Australian market as we work to meet rapidly emerging demand and build upon UST’s position as a market leader.” Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

BP3 acquires darwinLabs to cover the full spectrum of end-to-end business process transformation BP3, a process-driven AI and business solutions provider including IDP, has announced that it has acquired darwinLabs, a provider of mission-critical applications and partner of low-code no-code platform OutSystems. With this acquisition, BP3 aims to cover the full spectrum of end-to-end business process transformation, anticipating synergies that will give clients of both companies access to an extended range of capabilities and software partnerships. In addition to expanding its ecosystem capability, BP3 also intends to extend its geographical reach. Scott Francis, Co-Founder and CEO of BP3, commented: “We are excited to welcome darwinLabs into the BP3 family. At BP3 we believe that if you want to transform your business, you have to transform your processes into software. darwinLabs is in the business of building software that matters for their clients – and that is a perfect fit with what we aspire to do for our clients.” Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hyperscience launches Hyperautomation Network to expand partner offering IDP vendor Hyperscience has announced that it has launched the Hyperscience Hyperautomation Network, its new partner program focused on applying AI and ML technologies to transform customers’ back office processes. Andrew Joiner, Chief Executive Officer at Hyperscience, explained: “The rise of generative AI has created a wild west scenario for vendors and customers alike. While there is great enthusiasm for LLM’s and how they can be used to produce content, they face a long and difficult journey to build trust, security, and compliance in the enterprise. Hyperscience has created a turnkey offering ready-made to harness the power of AI and ML and transform how business gets done. The Hyperautomation Network is the first-of-its-kind to bring together a partner ecosystem behind ground-breaking technology that provides customers with a consistent experience and integrated solutions for automating back-office processes.”

Automation Anywhere partners with Alorica to redefine CX solutions Intelligent automation solutions provider Automation Anywhere has announced a partnership with Alorica, a global leader of next-generation customer experience solutions. The partnership enables human-in-the-loop Intelligent Automation solutions for more complex contact center response situations that would benefit from generative AI (GenAI). With Automation Anywhere’s capabilities in generative AI-powered Intelligent Automation (Automation Anywhere recently expanded its generative AI-powered automation platform), Alorica will seamlessly integrate its customer-centric approach. Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere, explained: “Our partnership gives Alorica the power of our Intelligent Automation platform to reimagine the future of customer service and contact center experiences. Our collaboration empowers Alorica to deploy next-generation CX solutions for companies, leveraging GenAI to significantly enhance customer experiences for Alorica’s clients and their end-user customers.”

DocDigitizer introduces Mendix Connector in the Mendix Marketplace IDP vendor DocDigitizer has announced that the DocDigitizer Mendix Connector is now available in the Mendix Marketplace. This connector integrates DocDigitizer’s Intelligent Document Processing capabilities with Mendix’s low-code application development platform, enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and Mendix developers to easily incorporate DocDigitizer’s IDP functionalities into their applications.


How to calculate the ROI of IDP for logistics and transportation? With its advanced document processing capabilities, IDP is able to improve productivity in the transportation and logistics industry and reduce operational costs and risks. But how can buyers in the transportation and logistics industry determine the right business case for IDP, calculate the direct savings, quantify the indirect benefits and estimate the ROI? Download this white paper to find out.


What are the biggest challenges for C-Levels in the Netherlands, and what’s the state of AI? Read the findings of this survey by IDP vendor Klippa. The company surveyed 100 executives from various industries in the Netherlands to identify the challenges of today’s economic environment. In addition, the survey provides insight into the state of AI in these companies and enables executives to benchmark with other companies and gain a better understanding of industry trends.


The Future of Work: From Paper Trails to Document Evolution Read the latest article in our recently launched ‘Opinions’ section, this time by Avi Rafalson, Co-Founder and CEO of IDP vendor DOConvert, in which he writes about the impact IDP is having on organizations and the future of work.

🎥Upcoming Webinar:

February 27, 2024: Introducing Rossum Aurora – Elevating Accuracy to New Heights Register for this webinar hosted by IDP vendor Rossum, in which Tomas Gogar, Rossum’s Co-Founder and CEO, and Petr Baudis, Rossum’s Co-Founder and CTO, will demonstrate Rossum Aurora, its next-generation AI for improved document understanding and end-to-end automation, built on top of a proprietary Transactional-Large Language Model (T-LLM).

February 27, 2024: Blueprint to AI for Enterprise Register for this webinar to get the blueprint to AI from IDP vendor Scale, as well as lessons learned from implementing generative AI for the world’s largest enterprises.

February 29, 2024: The Future of Government Records Management Register for this webinar to learn how Intelligent Document Processing and generative AI are revolutionizing government records management to save time and money while increasing organizational efficiency.

📆Upcoming Event (mostly in-person):

February 28 – 29, 2024: Post-Industrial Summit 2024 in Menlo Park, US This event will focus on how AI is transforming organizations and how to build an AI transformation roadmap.

March 11 – 13, 2024: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2024 in Orlando, US This event will focus on creating synergies between data, analytics and AI and is aimed at Chief Data Analytics Officers (CDAOs) and Data and Analytics (D&A) leaders who want to transform their organization through the power of data, analytics and AI.

March 14 – 15, 2024: 2nd World Intelligent Process Automation Summit in Berlin, Germany This event will focus on the latest innovations in the area of intelligent process automation, increasing process efficiency, optimizing workforce productivity, improving accuracy and reducing costs, and will bring together key industry stakeholders to discuss practical case studies on RPA & AI advancements, workflow automation, low-code and no-code platforms, ML, NLP, Intelligent Document Processing and more.

📌Find more upcoming events in the IDP space here.

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